about us

At Eventer service, we offer unique, sophisticated, creative event consulting, event planning services and high quality event management services, customized to meet all your business needs and assure a strong return on your investment. We inform, support and empower our clients so that they can research different possibilities, explore and test out new ideas, and implement those which prove to be effective.

When it comes to event organizing, we have exacting standards and do not compromise on quality at any point. We pride ourselves on creating corporate events that are planned and executed without a hitch. Our company consistently exceeds client expectations in terms of service quality and reliability. The key to the success of many of our corporate events lies in the way we approach each client.


Our vision is to become the industry leaders by successfully creating outstanding events time and again. We know we have the ability to become the first and only point of call for any client.


Our Mission is to provide full event services to share the difference of experience. Our focus has always been to offer the best equipments to the market by tailoring our offers to meet the needs of each customer.